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What is Ardhat?

Ardhat is the essential add-on for Raspberry Pi and compatibles. It's a versatile Arduino compatible expansion platform that provides everything you need to connect to exciting Real World applications, like Robotics and IoT, all in a single tiny HAT compatible module.

Full Power management

On board battery storage and management, with charging status LEDs readable from applications. 8-28V standard Power jack works directly from automotive supplies, and supplies up to 3A of current

Sensors Galore!

3D Gyroscope, Compass, Accelerometer with Altimeter, Humidity and Temperature onboard - and there's options for gas sensors too! Plus, they're all accessible by both Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Mesh Networking

Long range Jeenode and Moteino mesh networking compatibility out of the box. Use great frameworks like Pimatic to connect your Pi to the Internet of Things, or with the long-range option extend your control to the edge of space


Arduino compatibility means you can use the software you already know, with the hardware you already have. And Ardhat is 100% Raspberry Pi HAT compliant, but works with Orange Pi and Odroid too!

Real-Time Clock

Battery backed real-time clock can start Raspberry Pi at scheduled times, and can be used as the Linux system clock

Buttons & Lights

User programmable Navigation switch can be used to put Raspberry Pi into sleep mode, or use it to drive your application. There's charge feedback and programmable LEDS, and a 5V driver that connects directly to Smart LED strips with power to spare


Inside Ardhat

Which is the right Ardhat for you?

Ardhat Basic

Real time I/O & Flexible Power

Ardhat Basic gives you Arduino compatible Analog I/O with real-time responsiveness , Multi source Power management and battery backed Real Time clock



Sensory Overload

All the features of Ardhat Basic plus 10-DOF IMU - high accuracy 3D gyroscope, accelerometer and compass, with altimeter and thermometer



Long-range Mesh Networking

To space and beyond! Ardhat-I plus long-range mesh radio networking. Compatible with Jeenode and Moteino. Uses sub-GHz frequencies for extended range


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