Decoding LoRa

From Hackaday

Getting software-defined radio (SDR) tools into the hands of the community has been great for the development and decoding of previously-cryptic, if not encrypted, radio signals the world over.
As soon as there’s a new protocol or modulation method, it’s in everyone’s sights. A lot of people have been working on LoRa, and bertrik at RevSpace in The Hague has done some work of his own, and put together an amazing summary of the state of the art, including an Arduino library for using it, based on the RadioHead libraries.

You can get a LoRa equipped  [email protected] in the store

Mellow Yellow

The space between the Ardhat shield headers is great for a battery, but if you are not using that in your application, don’t waste the space!

You can use it for prototyping , using our colour co-ordinated solderless protoyping board available in the store.

Great for the DIYnest!

Screwed Up

Ardhat is perfect for automotive use, and we now have DC jack to screw terminals adapters in the store so you can easily hook up an Ardhat to a car or RV system.

Ardhat is protected against reverse connections, and its high efficiency switching regulator will run happily at up to 28V.

And there’s plenty of current in hand to drive things like 5V led strips, so go pimp your ride!