Before using Ardhat, make sure you have upgraded to the latest supported version of your host operating system and apps.

If using Ardhat on a Raspberry Pi, see this guide on the foundation website.

Updating the bootloader

The bootloader used in  [email protected] is a modified version of Optiboot, and is loaded at the factory together with a default Sketch that runs Firmata and also manages the Navigation switch and LED.

If required, this bootloader and app can be replaced using the following procedure:

  1. Download the ArdhatCloner Sketch from here
  2. Using the instructions provided in the Sketch, connect an Arduino or compatible processor to the Ardhat ICSP (you can use some simple jumpers as shown in the image below)

  1. Install the ArdhatCloner sketch on the Arduino.
  2. Restart the Arduino, and the ArdhatCloner sketch will install the latest bootloader and factory default app from the included data.h
Preloading custom apps

If you want to load a custom app in place of the factory app, use hex2c.tcl which is also included in the ArdhatCloner repository. This handy utility, from JC Wippler of Jeelabs fame, creates a single data.h file from multiple .hex files, which can be used to replace the default data.h