Quick Start

Before connecting to a host system such as Raspberry Pi, be sure to checkout the hardware setup instructions here.

Once connected, you can power up  [email protected] , either from battery or using the onboard DC barrel Jack , and the orange status LED will pulse.

To turn the Pi or compatible on, push the navigation switch, and the status LED will stay permanently illuminated.

At this point,  [email protected] is ready to communicate over the Firmata channel. For more info on which host apps to use, see here.

If you want to program  [email protected] directly from Raspberry Pi, there are full instructions here, but for the impatient, here’s the quick way to get the Arduino IDE up and running with  [email protected] .

Quick-start Instructions

~ $ git clone [email protected]:Ardhat/avrdude-rpi.git

~ $ cp autoreset /usr/bin

~ $ cp avrdude-autoreset /usr/bin

~ $ mv /usr/bin/avrdude /usr/bin/avrdude-orig

~ $ ln -s /usr/bin/avrdude-autoreset /usr/bin/avrdude

# => Now open the Arduino IDE and start programming Ardhat!