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On a single Raspberry Pi standard HAT,  [email protected] integrates not only an Arduino Uno compatible real-time hardware subsystem, but also a complete power management solution, a full suite of environmental sensors, and an optional long-range wireless mesh network node.

 [email protected] supports an open, state-of-the-art software framework that securely and flexibly allows Sensors and Actuators to communicate both amongst themselves, and with other Sensor Network devices and products, on or off the Internet.

Compatible with all current Raspberry Pi models,  [email protected] adds the environmental protection and awareness, real-time performance, and low-power operation that a real world system needs.

Use the table below and menu on the right to find out more details about all of  [email protected] ’s special features.

Features Benefits
Full LiPo charge control system High-current safe charging and operation from 3.7V LiPo cell
8-28V input voltage range power converter with battery reversal protection Wide voltage range allows Raspberry Pi use in automotive applications. Standard DC Power Jack
High Power 5V output 3A 5V output available for driving peripherals, eg ESC
Power/Sleep/Navigation Switch 3-position nav switch for power/sleep//UI applications use
10-DOF IMU Sensor Fusion devices Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Gyroscope, Barometer, Thermometer give Raspberry Pi situational awareness
Battery backed Real time Clock Raspberry Pi keeps correct time/date when off-net; Ardhat can wake Raspberry Pi at timed intervals or set time
Long-Range Wireless Mesh Node Up to 10km range ISM band radio ( 433, 868, or 915MHz for worldwide use - optional)
Complete Raspberry Pi Power Management Timer/IMU/LoRa Radio event driven startup e.g. for time-lapse photography
Arduino Uno compatible Shield pinout Use wide variety of Arduino ecosystem hardware with RAspberry Pi. Accepts all 5V shields. Can run standalone.
12-channel PWM Raspberry Pi can use Ardhat 5V PWM over I2C
6 channel analogue in Raspberry Pi can use Ardhat Analogue Inputs over I2C
Smart LED (e.g. NeoPixel) Output Provides 5V GPIO from RPi for ‘ZeroCPU’ addressable LEDs
‘BatteryOnTop’ design Flat upper surface for compact, secure battery storage
Comprehensive Charge Monitoring As well as visual feedback, RPi can read both external and battery voltages over I2C
Programmable Wake-up and Watchdog power management Raspberry Pi can be woken at predetermined times; watchdog function increases system robustness
Inter-processor communication over Serial and Hi-Speed 400kHz I2C bus Rapid and efficient communication between Raspberry Pi and Ardhat
On board peripherals are accessible by both Arduino and Raspberry Pi When Raspberry Pi is in halt mode, Ardhat can check peripherals and wake up Raspberry Pi e.g. RTC, IMU
Raspberry Pi Hat standard compliant design Fully compliant, with ID EEPROM ,40 pin header compatible with Raspberry Pi model A+ , B+ and B V2